A Christmas Miracle

“As a Director of a cancer non-profit, I often experience great highs and lows with patients and their families’ journeys. This November I was able to be a part of a true miracle,” said Laura Rutledge, RCF Executive Director.

After meeting Liana and Richard, a young newly married couple, I was moved by the deep abiding love they had for each other, but also the many challenges they were facing.

Not only was Richard in treatment again for his first relapse of osteosarcoma, he currently works as a grocery clerk to  support Liana while in nursing school.

She, in turn, plans to support him in order to finish college to become a software engineer. The biggest dilemma they are facing is they only have one car and with work, school and home at least 45 minutes apart, they face many daily challenges.

The next day I was visiting with a friend about some other business but knew he sometimes helped refurbish and donate cars to a battered women’s shelter. I asked if by any chance he had any ideas for this sweet young couple. He said in fact, he did.

He was recently given a car that he held onto, hoping someone would surface that was in great need. I could hardly believe the words coming from his mouth.

Two days later, my generous friend and I presented a fully refurbished small SUV in great condition to Liana and Richard -free and clear and ready for them to take home. Needless to say, they were dumbfounded that this kind act was actually happening. They could not find enough words to say “Thank-you.” 

It was very humbling and hard for us to acknowledge that at this point in our lives, we were some of those people who needed help. I really, really cannot tell you how grateful we are. You have redoubled our passion for getting to a place where we can help others, since we have been blessed so much. I am thankful to God for you and for what you do.”