Easing the impact of cancer on the lives of teens and young adults

We fund patient programs that address unmet emotional and physical needs

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Carley's closet serves the young adult cancer population at both children’s and adult medical centers. Having cancer at such a transitional time of life creates very unique needs.  We strive to supply resources and comfort items during their journey. We direct young adult patients to informational books, websites, and patient blogs.

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For $150, you can provide one bag to a young adult cancer patient.



AYA Fertility Preservation Program

As a young college student, my cancer diagnosis completely flipped my life upside down. I love children, and the thought of not having a family broke my heart. Preserving my fertility helped ease the heartbreak. I now have a future to look forward to. Galen Storey

The ability to have children can be affected by cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. We've partnered with Moncrief Cancer Institute to help young adult cancer patients with a number of fertility preservation options. Learn more about the fertility program at the link below.

Help Young Adults Preserve Their Fertility


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