Exciting New Collaboration in Sarcoma Research

Exciting new collaboration in Sarcoma Research is taking place between University of North Texas Health Science Center and University of Texas, San Antonio’s Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute. Seeing an opportunity to move important research more quickly, Rutledge Foundation Executive Director, Laura Rutledge, introduced Dr. Andreas Lacko’s lab from UNTHSC to Dr. Gregory Aune, at UTSA. The two teams are partnering to develop less toxic, more targeted methods to deliver chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells and keep healthy organs and tissues safe from devastating short and long term side effects.

Doxorubicin is a chemotherapy agent that is used for many pediatric and adult cancers, including sarcomas and breast cancer. Dr. Lacko’s team has designed an rHDL nanoparticle that can deliver chemotherapy and other novel drugs directly to cancer cells, while bypassing healthy cells. Dr. Aune’s lab will be studying the long term cardiotoxicity in mice that free doxorubicin causes, often decades after treatment in humans and compare the new nanoparticle delivery method. The aim is to show this new delivery mechanism will more effectively treat the cancer, while preserving the heart and other healthy organs and tissues.

Your donations and support have helped make this important work possible and we are excited that these two great research teams will be collaborating to move this potential new therapy to patients more quickly.