Nathalie Traller Memorial Fund

About Nathalie

“She accomplished more in 16 years than most of us will in our entire lives.”

Everyone who knew or knew of Nathalie, was impacted by her spirit. Whether you went to her church, her school, or a camp over the summer, she was someone to be recognized.

Throughout her three-year battle with cancer, she never stopped fighting. She carried herself in a way that proved she was not one to back down from a challenge and yet her quiet and thoughtful ways expressed nothing but kindness and care for others. She loved her friends, family, school, animals, dolphins and most of all she loved Jesus.

Having a personal relationship with her was a privilege. It’s not everyday that you meet someone as determined to live life as Nathalie did. It wasn’t the cancer that impacted people and touched their lives, it was Nathalie Traller.

Nathalie was a top student and competitive soccer player when she was diagnosed at age 13 with Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma. As rare as sarcomas are, her disease represents only 1% of sarcomas and is known for being relentless. She fought with grace and courage, surpassing expectations for 3.5 years until recently finishing her race. Along the way she grappled with the fact that although ASPS has been recognized for more than fifty years, so little has been discovered other than it’s resistance to all known chemotherapy. Nathalie became passionate that this should change.

“Nathalie Traller was the definition of selfless.”

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“She would never back down from a fight.”


Where Your Donation Is Going

Dr. Kevin Jones of the Huntsman Cancer Institute (at the University of Utah) has been conducting the type of basic science research that is clarifying how ASPS operates. By understanding exactly how the genetic translocation comes about in ASPS, he was able to directly induce the cancer in his mouse model. Subsequent discoveries have revealed that ASPS is highly dependent on lactate as an energy source.
Lactate and Cancer: An Odd Couple – Top Science Report 2014

This hints at the first possible targeted therapy to truly hit this cancer where it hurts. Studies are in the preclinical stage and Nathalie was so proud this spring to raise $11,000 to further this work as lactate inhibiting agents are being tested. The sad truth is that this disease, like most sarcomas, will not attract the attention of pharmaceutical companies targeting a financial pay-off. This research needs the support of people like you, willing to plant and water the seed that Nathalie began.