Lynda Moore Memorial Fund

Lynda Lu Ball Moore passed away Saturday, Feb. 27th at Waterford Gardens Assisted Living lovingly surrounded by her children and her sister. For 84 years she lived a life of joy, adventure, happiness, and service that was an example to her family, community, and church. Her life is best described as a culmination of the things she loved the most:

First and foremost, Lynda loved her late husband, Dick. They met one warm summer evening as teenagers in the Minimax grocery store parking lot in McAllen after Lynda’s family moved to town from Greenville, TX. Dick was leaving to go to the University of Texas that Fall, and Lynda was the new girl in town, a pretty high school senior. She said she knew then and there he was the one for her. It was mutual. Together they joyfully raised a family, endured the ups and downs of life with humor and determination, ran a renowned construction business and traveled the world. Knowing they are together once again is our greatest solace.

Lynda wholeheartedly loved her four kids, Richard, Jennifer, Michael, and Sam David. She nourished and embraced each of our talents, abilities, and ambitions; leading cub scout and girl scout troops, assisting at swim meets, baseball tournaments and football games and encouraging excellence in our academics. She was homeroom mom and PTA president practically non-stop. She allowed us to have a blissful childhood of freedom and mischief in an incredibly special Milam neighborhood full of kids and their families who are still our lifelong friends and confidants. In the summers Lynda loaded her kids up to travel for weeks across the country, sometimes traveling solo, with Dick joining her by flying in as he could get away from work. She and Dick especially loved the mountains of Colorado and visiting our Moore cousins and her precious brother-in-law and his wife, Mike and Janice Moore who were the dearest of friends. She took her sons on an infamous trip speeding through the Western US including Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, and the Mormon Tabernacle. Lynda and Dick drove a red VW bus crammed with kids, luggage and presents through an icy blizzard to share Christmas with her beloved sister, Sally, and our Williams cousins. She borrowed a dear friend’s touring van for a grand Tennessee adventure in Nashville for the 1982 World’s Fair and, later, to Memphis with an irreverent tour of Graceland on the fifth anniversary of Elvis’s death. We even attended the opening of the 1968 Hemisphere Fair in San Antonio with all the kids wearing matching white bell bottoms pants and Hawaiian shirts like the Brady Bunch. Lynda equally loved watching each of us grow into teens and then adults; comforting and assisting us through our many mishaps, encouraging our educations and careers, and joyously watching us find life partners and start our own families. Our spouses: Beverly, Dwain and Page were precious to her and benefitted from her love, support, and guidance.

Lynda loved and adored her grandchildren; Lindsay, Riley, Nick, Audrey, Ashley, Madelynne, Matthew, William Russell, Elaine, Mike & Haidee. She eagerly and proudly went to their sporting events, took them on a multitude of vacations and cruises, and had numerous sleepovers and grandma days. She hosted an annual Gingerbread decorating party in December and a summertime pool party known as the Pink Picnic when her pink Crepe Myrtles came into bloom. She created, nurtured, and shared many holiday traditions that are continued by each of us in our own families such as candy canes from Santa on the night before Christmas Eve (to know if you have been naughty or nice in advance) to chilidogs & outrageous fireworks displays on the 4th of July, and an annual Halloween competitive pumpkin carving party. She loved that the older grandkids had found precious life partners in Brice (Lindsay), Alex (Nick) and Jessica (Riley) and that she had been blessed with three adorable great-grandchildren: Sadie, Emmitt, and Levi. Spending time with her ‘grands’ was one of her greatest pleasures.

Lynda loved her community. Not only did she serve on a wide variety of boards ranging from the McAllen Public Library to the McAllen Housing Authority, she was also instrumental in the formation of the McAllen International Museum, now known as the International Museum of Art and Science (IMAS). As a member of the Junior Service League (now Junior League of McAllen) she and a small group of other amazing and insightful women took a run down, vacated city property, scrubbed the walls, rebuilt and painted the structure inside and out, and transformed it into the first museum in our area. She later served as JLM president. Lynda’s service to the McAllen community included contributions in education, municipal infrastructure, finance & real estate, as well as the Arts. To honor her many contributions to our hometown she was selected as the 1976 McAllen Woman of the Year.

Lynda loved to have fun. She was known for her laughter and wit, always with a sparkle in her eye. From fancy Slipper Club dances at the McAllen Country Club to silly and often outrageous theatrical performance with the Pocos Locos Social & Theatrical group she and Dick were always the life of the party. As children she trained us to bartend at their 60’s cocktail parties running the margarita machine for their eclectic and fun crowd of friends. During their years in construction, she and Dick threw weekly fajitas pachangas with their building crews, sub-contractors and even bankers developing a bond with them that was like family. She especially loved going to Progresso with her family, having lunch at Arturo’s Restaurant and then doing a street crawl along the main road buying souvenirs and drinking Dos XX. She was an absolute blast to be with.

Lynda loved her church, St. John’s Episcopal. She moved her young family to St. John’s because she saw it as a growing and welcoming faith community. She served on the Vestry in leadership, as a Sunday School teacher, and was active in many activities – organizing and hosting luncheons, fundraisers, and outreach/fellowship. She and Dick led the drive to build the new Parish Hall and oversaw the construction. Together they designed and donated the stained glass in its entryway depicting Noah’s Ark in honor of their grandchildren. She especially loved serving on the Altar Guild; meticulously preparing for the most sacred part of the service.

Lynda loved life. She lived her life embracing joy, accepting difficulty, and retaining a dignity and grace that was inspiring. Despite the ups and downs of life she never lost her sense of optimism and enduring happiness. Her faithful and loving husband, Dick, was a big part of her ability to get through the tough times and their optimism was one of the greatest gifts they gave to their children. Six years ago, Lynda was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. From that day on she never once complained or bemoaned her illness. Instead, she was determined to embrace each day fully, live joyously and to make her own plan and path through it. She courageously made every decision along the way; even deciding for herself when it was time to stop driving and, later, to move into assisted living. For three years she has been lovingly cared for by the amazing staff at Waterford Gardens which became her new home. She returned to her own house many times over the years to water her plants, putter around her pool and have lunch in her own kitchen – each time refreshed and ready to return to her dear new friends and caregivers at Waterford. Because of the pandemic there were many months in the last year when we could only visit her through a pane of glass and that was very tough for all of us. The last few months her health declined, and she entered hospice care which enabled her family to visit her once again in person – such a blessing. She never forgot who we were, and she was surrounded by love until her very last breath.

Our family would like to thank the devoted staff of Waterford Gardens and the owner Lucille Cavazos for making the last few years just as wonderful and full of joy as the ones preceding her illness. From musical groups to magicians, picnics and parties, celebrations and holiday decorations, Lynda truly found a new home, more friends, and a continued joy of life.

Memorial Services for Lynda Moore will be this Saturday, March 6th, at 10 a.m. at St. John’s Episcopal Church, McAllen, TX. The seating in the church will be limited to 50% capacity with a time afterward to gather with our family in the courtyard outside – all with masks. We strongly encourage you to join us virtually. The service will be livestreamed at You do not need a Facebook account to watch. In lieu of flowers we recommend donations to Rutledge Cancer Foundation. Lynda’s family hopes those attending her services will join us in wearing bright, happy colors as that best represents her bright and happy life.

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