The Carley J. Rutledge Sarcoma Foundation Awards Grant to Develop Drug for Ewing Sarcoma

Ft. Worth,Texas-January 28, 2013 – The Carley J. Rutledge Sarcoma Foundation, a non-profit committed to
raising money for sarcoma research and helping those with AYA(adolescent and young adult)cancer, has
awarded $50,000 to the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center(MCCRC) to begin research to develop a
targeted drug for Ewing sarcoma.

Ewing Sarcoma tumors are malignant cancers that affect the bone or nearby soft tissue. Ewing sarcoma occurs
most frequently in the AYA population. Approximately 70% of patients can achieve positive outcomes
through intensive surgery, chemo and radiation; however, the long-term side effects can be devastating.
Fertility, mobility, and secondary cancers are only some of the latent effects of this toxic treatment that hasn’t
changed in over 25 years. For those with metastatic or recurrent disease, the outcome is less than 20%
survival. This is why new treatments are so desperately needed in this cancer population.

“At Mary Crowley, our belief is that a ONE-TWO punch is needed to successfully attack cancer. This new
interference technology platform will be the first punch and (will) consist of (1) attacking cancer cells at the
genetic control points, while the second punch will come from Mary Crowley’s personalized vaccine and that
of (2) engaging the immune system to prevent cancer from recurring. This RNA interference technology
coupled with the personalized vaccine represents the one-two punch philosophy for Ewing’s Sarcoma,“
explains Dr. Nemunaitis.

Together, the Rutledge Foundation along with Dani’s Foundation, another nonprofit based in Denver
dedicated to raising money for pediatric sarcoma research, have given $100,000 for this targeted drug
research. This will allow the project to begin immediately with preliminary results expected as early as this

The Carley J. Rutledge Sarcoma Foundation is dedicated to funding research for AYA sarcomas that lead to
clinical trials and ultimately a cure. Its mission also includes creating awareness and providing services for
those with AYA cancer. To date, CJRS Foundation has given over $100,000 to sarcoma research and AYA
needs. For more information about the CJRS Foundation, visit

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