Nanoparticle Research and Fertility Preservation Program Advance Thanks To Rainwater Grant

We are thrilled to announce that Rainwater Charitable Foundation has donated $185,000 to help move two very important projects forward, allowing us to engage in additional research and testing to better treat Ewing sarcoma, a type of tumor that forms in bone and/or soft tissue as well as further fund our groundbreaking Fertility Preservation Program.

The current treatment for Ewing sarcoma is toxic, often times leading to life-altering side effects like infertility and sometimes, death.

Three years ago, Laura Rutledge, founder of the Rutledge Foundation,  approached Dr. Andras Lacko, at UNT Health Science Center, about investigating his Lipoprotein Delivery Particle as a tool for treating Ewing sarcoma and other pediatric sarcomas. Dr. Lacko’s biocompatible nanoparticle provides a way to treat cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue and if proven effective, could eventually be used in the treatment of many forms of cancer.   

“We have encapsulated doxorubicin (DOX) into rHDL NPs and found that while this drug formulation is effective in killing EWS cells, it protects normal cells and is thus 10 times less toxic than the free DOX,” said Dr. Andras Lacko. “In these NPs, the apo A-I provides stability and guides the drug-containing particle to the cancer cell or tumor where the therapeutic payload is delivered. “

In addition to Dr. Lacko’s research, the Rutledge Foundation began a partnership with Moncrief Cancer Institute in 2016 to launch a groundbreaking Fertility Preservation Program for adolescents and young adult cancer patients. The program continues with success and thanks to a generous $35,000 match from Rainwater Charitable Foundation, we are able to put forth $70,000 to continue funding this program for 2018.