Lilli Curry Memorial Fund

About Lilli

Lilli was an amazing person with a love for life. She had an extraordinary gift to share her love for life in a way that brought out the best in others. She could relate to and connect with anyone from all walks of life. She was fun and creative and compassionate and a million other amazing qualities. She loved learning and doing everything…everything except fighting cancer. But, she rarely complained about the fight in her five-year battle with Ewing Sarcoma.

And, goodness, was she a fighter. She battled through more chemo treatments and surgeries and radiation and clinical trials in five years than anyone should have to in 10 lifetimes, let alone a child. Even when she could barely breathe at the end, instead of settling for the good fight she had already given, she chose to push on toward more treatment.

But when the end came, she peacefully settled into the loving arms of a host of angels who escorted her to heaven. She passed away at the way too young age of 16. She shed her decaying earthly body for the perfect one Jesus had waiting for her in heaven. Her family, friends and those who knew her were blessed by her and miss her deeply. But, we also know we will see her again. Knowing she will be there to welcome us gives us comfort.

Written by Lilli’s father, John Curry

Lilli’s family has established the Lilli Curry Memorial Fund to go toward promising research for Ewing sarcoma. It is their passion to find a cure that is less toxic, allowing everyone afflicted with this disease to live a long and healthy life. Thank you for your generosity and compassion in supporting this most important work in honor of Lilli.

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