RCF Goes to Austin

Just before heading to Austin in March for Childhood Cancer Awareness Day, RCF was alerted that Bills had been introduced in the Texas House (HB 2682), and Senate (SB 959) to extend health benefit coverage for certain fertility preservation services due to cancer treatment.

As many of you know, loss of fertility is a common and devastating side effect for teen and young adult cancer patients as a result of toxic chemotherapies and radiation given to save their lives.

The Rutledge Cancer Foundation/ Moncrief Cancer Institute Fertility Preservation Program stands in the gap for young patients in Tarrant County, with counseling, coordination and funding for preservation for those who could otherwise not afford it. This private model is not sustainable statewide and many patients receive no information on preservation before treatment, losing forever the opportunity to have a family if they survive their cancer.

After three trips to Austin and testimony from medical providers, patients and survivors, including Carley Rutledge, House Bill 2682 was unanimously voted out of the House Insurance Committee.  We are grateful to Rep. Collier, Chairman Lucio, and House Insurance Committee Members for their support in moving this important  legislation forward.

Time is of the essence given so many issues outstanding with the legislature. You can help demonstrate the need and support for this bill by contacting your State Representative (HB 2682) and Senator (SB 959) to show support. Together we can bring hope to the over 7,200 young Texans diagnosed with cancer each year.

Click here to help by sending a message to your senator and/or congressman to ask them to co-author the bill and urging a floor vote for HB 2682 and SB 959!