Rutledge Foundation Funds Non-Toxic Cancer Research at UNT Health Science Center

On April 10, 2015, the Rutledge Foundation presented Dr. Andras Lacko and his team of researchers at UNT Health Science Center a check for $60,000 to further their research on a non-toxic lipoprotein delivery system that targets and destroys cancer cells. When asked why the Rutledge Foundation chose UNTHSC, Laura Rutledge said, “Dr. Lacko’s research appealed to us because he is using a natural process in the body as a vehicle for chemo, so it goes straight to the cancer without harming other cells.”

The donation will be used to upgrade the Lipoprotein Therapeutics Lab at UNTHSC, allowing for more space and a larger staff to support Dr. Lacko’s research that uses “good cholesterol” nanoparticles to selectively destroy tumors. This delivery system is anticipated to spare patients the toxic effects often experienced during and after treatment. He is studying ovarian and prostate cancer now. The hope is that this research will be used to treat Ewing sarcoma patients one day soon. “We are very fortunate to get this support,” Dr. Lacko said, “It allows us to continue doing what we believe will be helpful in the treatment of cancer.”