Without you, what we do is impossible.

"I feel so good about how the money we donated has been handled. Things are moving forward. Rutledge Foundation is changing lives in incredibly dramatic ways. They are bringing healing to people who desperately need and deserve it."

Lorna Day, Portland, Oregon

Honor & Tribute Pages

A beautiful way to honor a loved one affected by cancer is to set up an honor or memorial page that celebrates their life and helps create tangible change for other young patients suffering from cancer. We grieve those we have lost and are thankful for the impact their lives have had on all of us. Families are able to choose where the funds are spent within the Rutledge Foundation mission.

Carol Henderson Gallery Logo

Purchase Foundation Jewelry

Established in 1989, Carol Henderson Gallery features Fine Art and Fine Crafts. This upscale Gallery was previously located in the heart of the Fort Worth’s   Cultural District.  Currently, the Gallery is exclusively on-line.

In a partnership with Reve Jewelry, we have put together a line of striking jewelry designed specifically to benefit the Rutledge Foundation. Each piece is unique and handcrafted in the artist’s studio.