Emily Hearne


Emily Caroline Hearne was born February 13, 1995 in Dallas, TX. The oldest of four children, her childhood was full of love, laughter, and adventure. There was rarely a quiet day in the Hearne house! At an early age she had an understanding of Jesus’ great love and sacrifice for her and loved learning about her faith and studying God’s word. She loved using her imagination, whether it was writing/performing skits with her siblings, playing in the backyard, growing things in our vegetable garden, or playing with her sister and their American Girl Dolls. She was an avid reader from an early age which continued into her adult years. She read over 50 novels in 2022 alone! As she got a little older she loved all things dance, taking ballet, jazz, and tap. She carried her love of dance into her high school years being on the Highlandettes drill team at Lake Highlands High School. She continued her education at Ole Miss where she pledged Kappa Kappa Gamma and developed lifelong friendships. She graduated with a degree in education and fulfilled a desire to be a teacher which began when she was in junior high. In her over five years of teaching 2nd and 3rd grade at Prestonwood Elementary, she loved the way all of the staff supported each other. She also loved her students and found creative ways to keep them engaged in learning. Emily enjoyed learning about new places and experiencing new things, everything from traveling to another country to trying a new type of food. She loved cooking, especially baking and was known by her family and friends as the “Charcuterie Board Queen.” We could always count on Emily to show up to a gathering with a well planned appetizer or dessert, wearing something cute and on-trend! Emily met her boyfriend Grant at the start of 2020 and we could tell by the way she lit up when she first talked of him that they had something special. Three years later she still had that same smile when she was about to see him. We will be forever grateful for a beach trip we took this summer with our whole family including her boyfriend Grant and Marshall’s girlfriend Cassidy. Emily packed a lifetime of living in her almost 28 years. Even once she was diagnosed with cancer she still wanted to embrace life being with those she loved. When each new area of her life became more difficult because of her illness, she continued to trust that God had a greater purpose at work. She adapted to each new physical challenge with a perseverance that was beautiful to witness. She taught us to embrace life every day like it could be your last and make time for the people in your life. Surrounded by her family, she went to be with her Lord and Savior on New Year’s Eve 2022. A few days prior she had written “New Year’s Resolution #1… Tell people you love them more!”


Emily is survived by her parents, Michael and Julie Hearne; her sister and brother-in-law, Eleanor and Jay Dobbs; her brothers Marshall and Miles Hearne; her grandparents Al and Judy Hearne, Harvey Fattig, and Janell Brawley; and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. She also leaves behind her beloved Corgi, Leo who is now being cared for by her parents and “Godfather” Miles.

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