Krishna Rani Broker


Krishna Rani Broker was born on April 15, 2007 to Deepika and Harshal Broker. As the oldest, Krishy loved being a mini-mom to Anjali and Nikhil. She is and will always be loved as a selfless and caring soul, taking care of others instinctively, even asking about the welfare of others when she was in the hospital herself.


Krishy loved to entertain and engage with everyone around her and drew them in with her infectious laugh and beautiful smile. Her favorite singer was Billie Eilish and she loved to dance to her music. Krishy was always busy doing arts and crafts, tie dye, and practicing to be a horror SFX artist. She wanted to be a chef, scientist, choir teacher, nurse, and SFX artist all at once. Krishy loved candy, bunnies, hip hop dancing, dogs in general and Bujji in particular, sushi and anything pink!


She is survived by her parents, Harshal & Deepika Broker; siblings, Anjali and Nikhil; favorite aunt, Monica Gopu; and grandparents, Nirmala & Vijay Gopu, and Reena & Sunil Broker; and many loving family and friends.

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